My new cousin Gavin. He's much cooler than Tim's cousin; just saying.

***Last post March 9 lolololololololololololfail

I promise to fail less in the future, internet.


Chrissy said...

And I am just sayin' this baby is awesome!.. You captured him well... cuz, in a few years, he won't be that serene!. lol

emily said...

hes aliiiivveeee
These pictures are the bomb :] your cousin is adorable. my mom is having a boy in september, im pumped to take pictures of him haha

mr. Tim said...

Hey, september is my birthday too. Nice light on these man, he sure is cute, but I'm just sayin that my cousin Gav is a beast. He even knows how to unlock a car at 2 years old.

NP Fearless Goat said...

My cousin Gav sleeps, can yours?? Burn dude, burn.