Burrito Express


Rose Festival

The ferris wheel:Charles, a homeless man who stopped me when he saw me taking photos of the rides. :)



Jake + Miles = BFFs

The King

Oh... wait...

That's not the king...


Kick it Hard

Kick it real hard




Some old friends of mine were kind enough to extend an offer my way to host my work at an art showing!  The show will be of my best/personal favorite photos (about 30 of them), and will be held in Seaside on June 6th, 5-8pm.  

Mike and Betsy run the Sandy Cove Inn, an awesome coast resort in Seaside.  They were my old youth pastors when I was in middle school, and found me again though Facebook and various blogs! They are such awesome people; I can't thank them enough for this opportunity!  They'll host my work at their inn for the show.  After the show, it'll decorate the walls for the rest of the month.

If you're in the neighborhood June 6 and want to see some great photography (and possibly pick up a print or two), stop by and see me!