I (attempt to) Shoot a Wedding

Not by myself though. :) Kate Kelly was kind enough to let me come along and help shoot! Below are some that I took, though Katie's are much better!
(It's soft-focus, not out of focus):

Thanks so much Katie, I had a lot of fun, and this was a valuable learning experience for me!

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Happy Birthday M13


Space Needle


Sweet Flash Pictures

Set-up shot (sort-of)

I make fun of Myspace pictures:

And GQ.

I recently had the privilege of meeting Ryan Flood. He is a Portland based wedding photographer, and also the headless guy in the second photo from the top. He let me and the guys mess around with his external flashes. We had two SB-800s, an SB-28, a 60" shoot-through umbrella, two pocket wizards, two light stands, one tripod, and a lot of fun. These aren't meant to be serious pictures at all, just fun ones. Now Ryan is making me very jealous for some external flashes of my own. I'm thinking one sb-24, two sb-26's, at least one PC cord so I can use them off camera, and at least one umbrella (shoot-through). The SB-26's can be set to go off when they spot another flash, just like the -800s we were shooting with. Isn't that cool? Well anyways, thanks Ryan, I had a blast.